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political action

Over 1 million doors knocked on ...

by: BruceMcF

Wed Nov 09, 2011 at 14:17:57 PM EST

I read somewhere, earlier today, that over 1m doors were knocked on as part of the We Are Ohio campaign to bring down Ohio Senate Bill 5 by voting No on Issue 2.

I was one of those door knockers. Not one of the biggest, by any means ~ I knocked on doors in August once and in early September as part of the pre-vote canvass, once in October as part of the early vote canvass, and last Saturday. I'd normally be out canvassing for four or five hours, cycling to the closest point in the area, and doing the canvass on foot ~ though once in a more exurban part of the township, outside the "city" (here in Ohio incorporated municipalities are either villages or cities, and the small town I live in was incorporated as a city), I split the territory into five chunks and rode my bike to get to each chunk.

How much effect do I think it had? I have no idea. I think I may have helped solidify opposition by one person I talked to, who otherwise might have been connned by the late "Yes" advertising flood.

And of course the organizers say that contacts push up turnout, so I can hope that I helped with getting the 48.1% odd-year election turnout in our County.

But whatever impact I may have had, I am glad I did it, and if it helped to run up the score ~ great!. We needed to run up the score to discourage the Republican Ledge from trying to sneak some or all of SB5 into new legislation. And run up the score we did.

And I think I helped, in some small way.

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