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Over 1 million doors knocked on ...

by: BruceMcF

Wed Nov 09, 2011 at 14:17:57 PM EST

I read somewhere, earlier today, that over 1m doors were knocked on as part of the We Are Ohio campaign to bring down Ohio Senate Bill 5 by voting No on Issue 2.

I was one of those door knockers. Not one of the biggest, by any means ~ I knocked on doors in August once and in early September as part of the pre-vote canvass, once in October as part of the early vote canvass, and last Saturday. I'd normally be out canvassing for four or five hours, cycling to the closest point in the area, and doing the canvass on foot ~ though once in a more exurban part of the township, outside the "city" (here in Ohio incorporated municipalities are either villages or cities, and the small town I live in was incorporated as a city), I split the territory into five chunks and rode my bike to get to each chunk.

How much effect do I think it had? I have no idea. I think I may have helped solidify opposition by one person I talked to, who otherwise might have been connned by the late "Yes" advertising flood.

And of course the organizers say that contacts push up turnout, so I can hope that I helped with getting the 48.1% odd-year election turnout in our County.

But whatever impact I may have had, I am glad I did it, and if it helped to run up the score ~ great!. We needed to run up the score to discourage the Republican Ledge from trying to sneak some or all of SB5 into new legislation. And run up the score we did.

And I think I helped, in some small way.

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On the Ground in Ohio

by: SumofChange

Mon Feb 21, 2011 at 21:10:16 PM EST

cross-posted from Sum of Change


COLUMBUS, OH: I am on the ground in Ohio, here to cover the protests for the couple days that I can afford to be away from DC. Today, despite a persistent rain, demonstrators lined the sidewalk outside of the Capitol Building in Columbus to voice their opposition to Senate Bill 5 which threatens state employees' bargaining rights. Today's protest was a lead up to tomorrow, when thousands are expected to descend on Columbus.

There's More... :: (0 Comments, 144 words in story)

OH-16: Senator Major John Boccieri "Two-fer"!

by: GARoach

Wed Jul 09, 2008 at 21:10:57 PM EST

Kinda like a cross-post:
I built the OH-16: John Boccieri for U.S. Congress Blog back in April and I thought that was daunting task until..."Boots on the Ground"! Boccieri earned his NCAA-I Stolen Base record. I love getting my stories from the street, but I can't chase him and get it all up in ample time. A compromise of sorts...

Ted Strickland: "John Boccieri Will Fight His Heart Out for This District"
On Saturday, July 5th, Senator Major John Boccieri(D - Alliance, OH), attended a house party in Wooster with special Guest of Honor, Ohio Governor Ted Strickland. Brian Collinsworth, Communication Director, John Bocieri for U.S. Congress, has issued the following report.

Wooster, OH - Governor Ted Strickland stumped for 16th Congressional District candidate John Boccieri at a packed House Party in Wooster today. The event followed Strickland and Boccieri's appearance in the Wooster Bicentennial Parade this morning.

"I was in Congress for 12 years," Strickland told supporters at the House Party. "I know what it's like up there, and this is the guy who will go up there and fight his heart out for this area and do the right thing for the 16th District."

Strickland told House Party guests that Boccieri has worked hard in the Ohio state legislature to support workers, families, seniors and veterans. He highlighted Boccieri's efforts to protect local jobs, lower property taxes, keep pensions safe, and provide the best health care, education and employment opportunities for Ohio veterans.

Strickland also praised Boccieri's service in the U.S. Air Force and his four tours of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq. "No one has to question John Boccieri's commitment to this country," Strickland said.(emphasis added)

"I'm honored to have the support of my Governor and good friend Ted Strickland," Boccieri said. "Ted has fought so hard for the people of Ohio, and I've had so many incredible opportunities to work with him. I'm ready to take this fight to Washington and become his partner in Congress to turn around our economy and restore our middle class."(emphasis added)

The House Party took place at the home of Harry Featherstone, a Wooster resident and the former CEO of Wil-Burt Co. in Orrville. Ralph Freed, who flies with Boccieri in the Air Force Reserves, and his wife Margaret were also hosts.

John Boccieri was first elected to the Ohio House of Representatives in 2000. In the historic 2006 elections, Strickland was elected Governor and Boccieri was voted into the State Senate.

The story gets better...

There's More... :: (2 Comments, 601 words in story)

Open thread for VOTE DAY

by: america08

Tue Mar 04, 2008 at 14:23:30 PM EST

Four states voting today, another step in the primary decision for nomination.

Texas, Ohio, Vermont, and Rhode Island.

After having been a poll worker in 2000, I know there are many problems that can and do arise.

I just thought an open thread today would be good for all discussions about the voting today.

So, feel free - let's talk, did your state vote today, how did it go?

Discuss :: (13 Comments)
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