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"Health care is a fundamental right." (Ted Kennedy, 8/26/08)
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Progressive Blue Community Guidelines

by: progressiveblue

Mon Feb 18, 2008 at 19:08:26 PM EST

This is a Progressive Populist blog, unapologetically!  

Discussion on a range of progressive, populist issues and bold transformative change to better humanity is welcome and encouraged.  Progressive Blue stands for substantive dialogue and discourages the emphasis to make politics into a sports or money event.  We prefer content based on ideas, issues and how to attain human progress.

We are striving for constructive dialog that elevates the debate. Please take the time to express yourself with non-offensive language. Use of profanity is not recommended.  We also think that a reply to every comment does not always enhance discussion or communication. Sometimes less is more.  Please exercise discretion in these matters, too.

progressiveblue :: Progressive Blue Community Guidelines
Comment space is reserved for comments that relate to the topic of the post. Please don't reprint lengthy text from your own works or those of others, including news articles, unless it is necessary and respects the concept of "fair use" described below. Please exercise discretion. In most cases, we find that a relevant, short quote and link works best.

All points of view are welcome, with the following exceptions:

     1. Comments that are: abusive to others, outrageous, contain excessive and gratuitous profanity; are racist, sexist, homophobic, classist, or demeaning to any ethnic group; or violate the terms of service for the blog's host provider, will be removed and the author(s) banned from future comments.

     2. Name-calling, gratuitous labeling, taunting, or abusive personal attacks on others, comments that are racist, sexist, homophobic, classist, or demeaning to any ethnic group, by ANY commenter, whether they agree or disagree with the views expressed by Progressive Blue, will not be tolerated and, without notice, will result in deletion of the comment and possible banning of the commenter's ISP address.

     3. Comments that evidence a commenter's intent to disrupt communication by:

            a. Posts numerous times a day with the intent of dominating, re-directing or hijacking the thread (threadjacking); or

            b. Posts numerous times a day and insults or calls other commenters names, or repeatedly makes the same point with the effect of annoying other commenters (spamming).

     4. Any diary that seems to be posted with the sole aim of denigrating a Democratic candidate or starting a flame war may be deleted at the discretion of the Progressive Blue editorial board.

Repeated violators may be banned, in the sole discretion of Progressive Blue.

Rating of comments should be for that sole purpose, not as a basis for a popularity contest or to punish, except in appropriate circumstances when a 0 or Hide rating is necessary. WARNING! Downrating comments based solely on disagreement will be considered ratings abuse and grounds for either loss of Trusted User status or banning the offender. Our bias is towards a progressive point of view, but we encourage respectful debate and dialogue no matter the point of view expressed.    

When you quote material that is not your own, please provide a link or attribution to the source whenever possible. We suggest use of the "blockquote" tags to set off the copied material. Limited copying within the bounds of the doctrine of "fair use" is permitted. Note that quantity is evaluated relative to the length of the entire original and in light of the amount needed to serve a proper objective. (A reasonable rule-of-thumb is that copying three paragraphs from a normal-length news article or editorial is acceptable. This, however, is not a safe-harbor. If even three paragraphs seems like "too much," then copy less or nothing at all.) Lack of credit, or improper credit, weighs against finding fair use. For more on fair use, please visit this site.

Quotes from material appearing on Progressive Blue are allowed, so long as there is attribution. Reprints are allowed only by express permission of Progressive Blue regardless of the original author.

Anonymous posters are not permitted. You must have a registered account to comment. We reserve the right to reject applications for blog membership.

Progressive Blue is a personal site. It is not the Government, a public institution, or a media organization. It is intended to express and disseminate the authors' point of view. It reserves the right to limit comments that, in its sole view, comport with its stated comment policy, and comments that do not comply are subject to deletion and banning of the author's ISP.


     Reading and posting comments constitute acknowledgment of and agreement to the terms outlined in this comment policy. Read and post at your own risk. The Progressive Blue comment policy may be revised in part or in full at any time.

     All e-mail received by Progressive Blue is considered intended for publication unless otherwise indicated in the initial message from the writer. Please don't send attachments.

     Progressive Blue reserves the right to edit all e-mail and posted comments for content, clarity, and length.

     Progressive Blue is not responsible for and often disagrees with material posted in the comments section. This is an opinion site. The material posted by Progressive Blue or by others in the comments section may or may not be accurate.


Content on the Progressive Blue blog is licensed under the following Creative Commons license:

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.

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Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.

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